A Personal Message from Beth Bax – Mother of Two St. Rita School Students

A photo taken two weeks ago of Beth's sisters pushing her on a beach in a new-fangled beach wheelchair.

Beth Bax is a mom of two St. Rita’s students, Charlotte and Natalie. She suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia. Please read this message from Beth:

“This is the fifth year I am biking in Palm Springs to raise money for Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) research. I have been in a wheelchair for over 10 years because of this disease and I am developing other equally-fun symptoms. And I am one of the lucky ones with this disease. As they say in poker, you must play with the cards you are dealt. And so I bike and ask you my friends to support me for another year!

I am 46 now and I would like to be running marathons by the time I hit 55. The other option is to write a book of the “50 places to see before you die – the wheelchair access version.”

Compared to five years ago, there are many potential treatments being tested to treat FA symptoms and more is being discovered about the disease by researchers in the field. The pace of research is exciting; there are people with this disease for which developing a treatment 6 months earlier is a life or death move. So, I am asking all of you (again) to help me raise awareness and $ for this cause. Feel free to post this on your Facebook page or with your family (or in a public restroom or anywhere) to let others know about this disease.

Here is the link to my support page: http://bit.ly/1RShlb6

If you feel like reading something beautiful, here is what my 14-year old daughter Natalie wrote: http://bit.ly/1NjnPHW (she wrote it herself, made me bawl)

And if you are feeling lucky, there are a few shots left to win a beautiful quilt through supporting my mother-in-law: http://bit.ly/1nk58zi

Here is a link to some of the research FARA has been able to do with your past support! http://www.curefa.org/network . (FARA is a non-profit, all the money goes to funding research, and all donations are eligible for tax deductions.)

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