Alverno High School Students Enjoy "The Yule Ball"

Alverno hosts annual Winter Formal

Published : Thursday, February 19, 2015 | 5:09 PM

Top left: Jackie Lucero, Mike Sifter, and Sara McCarthy. Top right: Allison Cheng, Anna Sandoval, Lisa Costantino, and Marisa Dragos. Bottom lefT: Maggie Mikuljan, Asia Leong, Alexis Baro, and Arianna Munoz. Bottom right: Ayanna Melin, Amanda Coscarelli, and Natalie Scigliano.

Crystal Vega, Raine Orozco, Olivia Rivas, Ivie Lee, and Izaura Avitia

On Saturday, January 31 Alverno High School hosted its annual Winter Formal, “The Yule Ball,” in the Villa del Sol d’Oro.

Winter Formal, an Alverno tradition, is the only all school formal dance at Alverno. Freshmen through seniors are invited to bring a date and enjoy the dance put on by Alverno’s Student Union (ASU). This year’s chosen theme was “The Yule Ball” and the Villa’s 1920s décor served as a perfect complement to the theme.

Kaiya Reel, Valerie Sanchez, and Sabina Arida

After enjoying dancing, a delicious buffet of appetizers, and photos the evening ended with the announcement of Alverno’s Winter Formal Court. Each class was represented by finalists who had been chosen through a larger pool of applicants. In order to be considered for Winter Formal, students were required to fill out an anonymous application and have an interview with ASU before each class voted on their princess at Winter Formal on Saturday, January 31.

The Winter Formal Court included freshman Ayanna Melin, sophomore Alexis Baro, junior Ciara Madigan, and senior LeAnn Zuniga.

Princesses LeAnn Zuniga, Ciara Madigan, Alexis Baro and Ayanna Melin

About Alverno High School

Alverno High School is a Catholic, private, college preparatory school for young women dedicated to preparing them to function in a society as informed, knowledgeable persons, who have the requisite skills to make and implement mature decisions about complex problems. Enlivened by the spirit of its Immaculate Heart Community sponsors, and mindful of the Franciscan roots of its founders, Alverno’s program—academic, spiritual, aesthetic, social, and physical—is shaped by the staff, trustees, and students in light of the world for which the students are being educated. Alverno’s mission is to empower each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be and since 1960, Alverno has empowered more than 4,200 women to meet that goal. For more information about Alverno High School, please call (626) 355-3463 or visit

Top left: Noah Cinedo and Nicole Lianto. Top right: Sofia Gonzalez, Moondera Rabb, Haylee Robinson, and Alexis Baro. Bottom left: Jovan Giles and Aja Gerardo. Bottom right: Jeanine Santucci and Micah Sanders.


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