Assisted Learning Pathways Program for Individual Learners

If you look at a group of a hundred children you will see dozens of different haircuts. You will see blue eyes and brown eyes. You will see flip flops, sneakers and boots. You will marvel in the differences and celebrate them. The same should be said of learning.

Not all children learn the same way and, thankfully, schools are starting to understand this. Arroyo Pacific Academy embraces the fact that not all students’ minds work the same way. Their website offers this quote: “Sometimes the most brilliant and intelligent students do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds” – Diane Ravitch.

With their Assisted Learning Pathways Program, Arroyo Pacific Academy offers specialized help to those students who do not learn in what has long been considered the “normal” way. The program puts the child on a college preparatory level and helps the student find resources in college to help them on their learning path. The student may even be eligible for accommodations during College Board Exams. Evaluation from a medical doctor or licensed educational therapist is required to help the school best come up with a plan of action.

Appreciate learners of all abilities and set your child on a path to success.

If this is something that you feel may benefit your child you can contact the Arroyo Pacific Academy at (626) 294-0661. They are located at 41 West Santa Clara St in Arcadia. You can visit the school online at


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