Aveson Students Cap Off Semester with Celebration of Learning

Published : Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | 12:05 PM

Aveson Charter Schools, grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, completed their first Celebration of Learning (COL) of the school year last week. More than 800 students and their families participated in the semi-annual event designed to challenge students to showcase, present, and defend their learning to authentic audiences.

“Celebration of Learning is one of several ways we show progression in student learning,” said Kate Bean, executive director of Aveson Charter Schools. “It also highlights our approach to growing articulate students capable of advocating for their learning.”

COL occurred over four nights with high school leading the way. Student-led science projects ranging from computing stellar parallax to fractional distillation were featured along with individualized passion projects exploring a variety of student-chosen themes like the relationship between exercise and the prevention of cancer, creating a business plan for opening and running a store carrying high-end fashion, and how video games affect the body. Also featured were take-action projects examining the ecosystems of rainforests, the arctic tundra and the San Gabriel Valley woodlands along with math demonstrations, literacy readings, extension outcome presentations and electives showcases.

Grade and age determine the degree of rigor students experience. Kindergarteners begin with learning the art of presenting by reading their writing to a group of parents or showcasing a project. As students move up in grade levels, their presentations are more detailed, and the questions and expectations from both educators and audiences become more challenging than the younger students. The goal is to encourage students to critically think about how they learn, what they are learning and what they need to achieve mastery. By the time students reach high school, they are adept at defending their learning process and subject matter and not only prepared to enter but thrive in a rigorous college environment or career experience.

“It is a fantastic evening that is celebratory and a time for us to see what and how our students have learned beyond other progress reports we get,” said ninth-grade parent, Gina Stepp. “It gives me more of a flavor of what my child’s day is like from her perspective, and it also enhances the feeling of community that’s such a great part of Aveson’s character.”

“Interested applicants must have their lottery application in by February 23, 2018″.

Aveson Charter School is composed of two Altadena, California campuses. Aveson School of Leaders (grades TK-5) is located at 1919 Pinecrest Drive and Aveson Global Leadership Academy (grades 6-12) is located at 575 West Altadena Drive. For more information, go to www.aveson.org.








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