Awards of Excellence Presented to Maranatha Students

Published : Monday, May 29, 2017 | 1:00 PM

What an incredible Awards Assembly today! Congratulations to all of our award recipients. These seniors have the highest GPA in their class. Jason Xu (4.60), Kaili T. Chiu (4.51), and Joshua David (4.50). Photo courtesy Maranatha High School

On Tuesday, May 16th, 55 high-performing Maranatha students received Maranatha Awards of Excellence at our yearly Academic Showcase Awards Ceremony. These students were honored by the entire Maranatha High School community in the beautiful Ambassador Auditorium. Congratulations to each of these students for living out the mission and vision of our school!

• George Attar, Most Independent Achievement

• Julianna O’Malley, The Mary Shelley Award
• Evelyn Thoen, The Shakespearean Wordsmith Award
• Ramata Franklin, Excellence in Creative Writing
• Jason Xu, The Orwell Award

• Chris Randall, Mathlete of the Year
• Sihan Zhao, Excellence in Advanced Placement Math
• Erica De Guzman, Excellence in Honors Track Math
• Charles Bai, American Math Contest Winner of Upper Level Math
• Ethan Coe-Renner, American Math Contest Winner
• Carl Xue, California Department of Education Math Award

• Cherise Masuda, Savviest Signer
• Audrey Lim, Confucius Award for Chinese Fluency
• Haina (Hanna) Jin, Distinguished Achievement in Spanish Award
• Kylie Sacapano, Fleur de Lis French Award
• Garrett Basich, ASL Medal of Biliteracy
• Lexi Li, Chinese Medal of Biliteracy
• Jonathan McCullah, French Medal of Biliteracy
• Sabina Lewis, Spanish Medal of Biliteracy

• Ethan Sicka, Beginning Weights Most Improved

• Sabina Lewis, Anatomy Dissection Award
• Patrick Lee, Future Surgeon Award

• Amanda Summitt, Future Medical Professional Award

• Jillian Hurte, “Triple Threat” Award
• Timothy Byers, Excellence in Vocal Music
• Max Zietsman, Excellence in Instrumental Performance
• Somer Isaac, Excellence in Dance

• Mikaya Kim, Budding Scientist Award
• Molina Zhang, Outstanding Life Scientist
• Erica De Guzman, Outstanding Physical Scientist
• Haina (Hanna) Jin, Most Outstanding Scientist

• John Hutto, The Max Weber Award
• Bryan Lin, The Margaret Mead Award
• Madison Bove, The Herodotus Award
• Rheanna Osborne, The Pheidippides Award

• Trinity Moore, Speaker of the Year
• Matthew Harrington, Debater of the Year
• Deven Hollimon, Debater of the Year (Public Forum)
• Cameron Chen, Debater of the Year (Lincoln Douglas)

• Rebekah Wells, Budding Theologian
• Kaleo Tanasale, Budding Theologian
• Hannah Silk, John 17 Award
• Noelle Simpson, Theologian of the Year

• Evelyn Thoen, Master Artist
• Cristina Tejeda, Artistic Innovator
• Marian Seo, Outstanding Young Artist Award
• Jason Xu, Excellence in Photographic Design

• Katy Coats, Senior Female Athlete of the Year
• Dmitri Mata, Senior Male Athlete of the Year
• Sabina Lewis, Senior Female Scholar Athlete
• Kaili Chiu, Senior Male Scholar Athlete
• Mason Swinnie, Iron Man Award

• Carolyn Shankwiler, Outstanding Service Award (ASB)

TOP GPA AWARDS (calculated on weighted grade point average):
• Alexsia Johnson, Third Highest GPA – Freshman Class (4.23)
• Ethan Coe-Renner, Second Highest GPA – Freshman Class (4.57)
• Samantha Wu and Sara Wu, TIED – Highest GPA – Freshman Class (4.71)
• Madison Bove, Third Highest GPA – Sophomore Class (4.56)
• Erica De Guzman, Second Highest GPA – Sophomore Class (4.59)
• Matthew Peng, Highest GPA – Sophomore Class (4.61)
• Nicholas Demonteverde, Third Highest GPA – Junior Class (4.62)
• Russell Nakasone, Second Highest GPA – Junior Class (4.67)
• Patrick Lee, Highest GPA – Junior Class (4.72)
• Joshua David, Third Highest GPA – Senior Class (4.50)
• Kaili Chiu, Second Highest GPA – Senior Class – 2017 Salutatorian (4.51)
• Jason Xu, Highest GPA – Senior Class – 2017 Valedictorian (4.60)

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