Barnhart: Academic Excellence with Heart!

Published : Tuesday, July 10, 2018 | 1:00 PM

Barnhart’s curriculum is designed to actively engage our students in learning and to prepare them for high school, college and beyond. We offer challenging academics in the core areas of math, science, literacy, writing, and social studies at all grade levels. Our teachers have the flexibility to design instructional strategies, lessons, and projects that actively engage student learning in attaining these standards along with attention to promoting flexible, creative and complex thinking skills.

Academic Program Offerings

Barnhart is pleased to offer a full complement of core subjects at all grade levels.
• Physical Education is offered everyday.
• Spanish is offered in all grades with full immersion instruction in middle school.
• Writers’ WorkshopTM is used as part of the K through 8th grade curriculum
• We’ve developed a strong early literacy program and use leveled books, assessments, guided reading and differentiated instruction.
• Algebra is taken by all 7th & 8th graders.
• Science and social studies are offered at every grade with a Science Fair celebration in the spring.
• Co-curricular classes in visual and performing arts, woodshop, life skills, public speaking,
yearbook, technology, and instrumental music.
• A Student Success Team (SST) works to help our students find success in learning.

Instructional Strategies

We utilize a range of strategies to accommodate and enhance all learning styles of students.. Differentiated instruction allows for students at various levels of interest and achievement to be challenged at a more appropriate level. We also use small group, large group, partner, cooperative learning, mini lessons (Writers’ WorkshopTM), conferencing, project based, SMARTBoard technology, multiple intelligence/learning style centers, and many other types of active engagement to ensure that all students succeed.

Barnhart truly develops the whole child.

We offer a rich fine arts curriculum, with music teachers who work with musicians from around the world, along with graphic arts, choral music, and a fine arts program. Students also attend chapel in our beautiful sanctuary where they learn respect for diversity and the application of virtues and values to their daily lives. Just as we develop the intellect and the soul, we exercise the body: our rich athletic program (member Foothill League) includes football, basketball, volleyball, and more. The Barnhart Bobcats play for the joy of the game, learning essential lessons of fair play.

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