Blair Middle School Science Fair Winners

Blair Middle School announced its Science Fair winners held recently:

6th Grade

Scientific Inquiry Category:
1st place: Katlyn Ong “How Does Temperature Affect the Way a Battery Works?”
2nd place: Loie White “Which Water Filter Ingredient Works the Best?”
3rd place: Aoi Takada “What Causes Ocean Currents?”

7th Grade

Scientific Inquiry Category
1st place: John (Jack) Cahalan “A Twisted Protection”
2nd place: Celeste Edell “Do Different Types of Light Affect Plant Growth?”
3rd place: Daveigh Collopy “Which Skate Wheels are for Which Surface?”

Reverse Engineering 1st place
Isabella Henriquez “Steam Iron”

Science Fiction 1st place
Eli Rosenkim and Samuel Hornbacher “Novus Vulgus”

8th Grade

Scientific Inquiry
1st place: Abhimanyu Bangaru “Do You Know How Many Calories are in that?”
2nd place: Rory Hemmings and Matthew Contreraz “How Does Weight Affect a Drone’s Performance?”
3rd place: Bruce McGlynn “What Substance Best Decomposes Biodegradable Products?”

Reverse Engineering 1st place
Janneah Co and Katrina Colon “What the Honk is inside that Gosh Dang Furby?”

Science Fiction 1st place
Evan McCall “Pandora 6: Mission to Minmus”

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