Camp Gilboa Visits Weizmann Day School

Published : Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | 2:36 PM

Staff from Camp Gilboa led two exciting interactive programs with Weizmann Day School’s elementary (grades 2-5) and middle school students.

The 2nd-5th grade classes participated in an activity where they learned what it means to be an upstander or bystander. The group started with some fun drama games to better understand how people may feel when they are faced with tough situations. The students were then asked to place themselves in real dilemmas that they often encounter, such as witnessing bullying. In small groups, students made decisions about how to handle each situation and then created skits and performed in front of the class. They then decided together whether it’s agreed or not with the course of action in each skit.

The 6th-8th grade classes learned about and discussed Jewish values, how values are translated into the structures of society, and the values they would want to see in Israel. Discussion about what values are and which values are important to each of them were initiated. From there, values were put into action and answered the question of what a Jewish society can look like when it is based fully on the said values. Using play dough and creative minds, participants built schools, hospitals, roads, parks – all of the central institutions of society – with Jewish values embedded in each of the designs. The program ended with thinking about Israel and ways that they see values reflected in Israeli society. The group discussed the responsibility they have for each have towards the societies they are connected to – both Israel and America – and the importance of having a common vision.

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