Celebrating International Day at Gooden

Published : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 | 2:19 PM

Lotus Dancers

Abigail Miles, Emma Crevantes, Isabella Paz, Madeleine Hara

The campus of The Gooden School resembled a mini-United Nations when students, families and faculty gathered to celebrate International Day on Friday, January 30 in Sierra Madre.

“International Day helps Gooden students see themselves as citizens of the world,” said Patty Patano, Head of School. “With creativity, insight and enthusiasm, students share what they’re learning about other cultures, while celebrating their own family traditions and heritage.”

This annual multicultural event featured a colorful parade of students dressed in traditional attire reflecting family heritage, a variety of country flags; and dynamic class

Katherine Fong, Jaden Jones

presentations on other cultures, countries and customs. A major highlight is the international potluck lunch featuring homemade dishes from beloved family recipes, along with live musical entertainment.

Founded in 1975, The Gooden School is an independent Episcopal School, kindergarten through eighth grade, where academics and the arts come together. Reflecting Gooden’s high academic standards, and reputation for the arts and community service, graduates are accepted by the finest area high schools. For more information about Gooden, or to apply online, visit www.goodenschool.org.

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