Chandler Middle School Celebrates Cesar Chavez

Chandler students celebrated the life and work of Cesar Chavez today, honoring his legacy and leadership in the non-violent fight for farm-workers rights.

Published : Friday, March 30, 2018 | 12:14 PM

Cesar Chavez on Stage

Students on the Cesar Chavez committee, led by eighth grade Spanish teacher Señora Vasquez, coordinated the day’s events. Dozens of students designed posters, and participated in a tamale, horchata and helado fundraiser.

Cesar Chavez Day is a time for students to reflect on the United Farm Workers motto, “Sí se puede” which literally translates into “Yes, you can” or more figuratively, “It can be done.”

This rally cry has since been adopted by other civil rights organizations. It serves to remind each of us that we possess unlimited capability to persevere and help to create a more just, fair and equitable world.

Manuel Bernal, the Chief Operating Officer of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, reminded students to never give up. “Cesar Chavez failed more times than he succeeded, but he always dusted himself off and kept fighting,” Bernal said.

Leon Kuo ’17, last year’s President of the Cesar Chavez Committee, returned to campus to address students in the assembly. He urged classmates to engage in community service and get to know people of different backgrounds.

Speaking in fluent Spanish, Chinese and English, Kuo encouraged students to honor and share their cultural identities. He noted that languages are a treasure: a unique and perfect reflection of their people.

This marked the eighth consecutive year that Señora Vasquez has organized Chandler students to raise funds, celebrate and honor Cesar Chavez.

To acknowledge Chandler’s commitment, the Cesar Chavez Foundation presented the school with a framed proclamation, praising “eight years of service and events to the mission of the Cesar Chavez Foundation and to the legacy of Cesar Chavez and others leaders of the Farm Worker Movement who have inspired and transformed communities.”

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