Chandler School Wins League Championships

Published : Wednesday, February 15, 2017 | 1:42 PM

Chandler School’s boys’ basketball team and girls’ soccer team each earned a league title in the latest Middle School Independent School League sports season. Chandler boys, coached by athletic director Bill Anderson, finished 9-1 and were undefeated in basketball league play. Chandler girls, led by coach and social studies teacher Nathan Mook, delivered a flawless league soccer season, amassing an impressive 6-0 record.

(Standing L-R): Marcos Moline, Chad Johnson, Andrew Choi, Brandon Szeto, Ben Lee, Dylan Tracy-Lindenbaum, Coach Bill Anderson; (Kneeling L-R): Aden Lee, Guarav Law, Zach Bechthold, Logan Sobel, Manager Alexander Albrecht

Boys Basketball Team

(Standing L-R): Coach Nathan Mook, Courtney Gangi, Madison Bradford, Emma Stellar, Eryn Mitchell, Mohona Ganguly, Hailey Lam, Arianna Stavropoulos, Natalie Hewlett; (Kneeling L-R): Ashley Ahn, Alyssa Christopoulos, Jennifer Spinoglio, Ava Gray, Caity Wackerly, Heather Thomasian, Emily Hsieh, Olivia Bulow

Girls Soccer Team



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