Chandler School's Faculty Pursue Summer Innovation Projects

Published : Thursday, October 19, 2017 | 2:43 PM

Fifth grade teachers Megan Collins and Samantha Knight. Photo courtesy Chandler School

During summer, Chandler teachers relish time to become students themselves, attending and presenting at conferences, reading widely, traveling internationally, and collaborating with colleagues to grow in their professional teaching practices.
As a school, Chandler continues to be a leader in faculty professional development, thanks in part to generous funding provided by CFA, which underwrites summer innovation projects by Chandler teachers. To qualify for a summer stipend, faculty make a researched proposal to pursue a project which demonstrates child-centered innovation in alignment with Chandler’s mission and school goals.

This summer, faculty worked on projects intended to inspire students, provide authentic learning experiences, strengthen academic skills, and build student leadership and character.

The projects include:
• School Group Innovation, Hannah Ross and Ashley Weidman (K-8)
• Robotics for Third Grade, Carla Fernandez and Shelby Montevirgen (3)
• Middle School English Expo, Ashley Laird, Sarah Newhall and Donna Dretzka (6-8)
• Authentic Writing Development, Samantha Knight and Megan Collins (5)
• Student Council and Advisory Redesign, Jose Flores, Sarah Newhall and Joe Spencer (6-8)
• Language Arts Buddies, Caroline Birnie and Alicia Ferri (2 and 4)
• Language Arts Curriculum and Design, Connie Mohandesi and Kim Edwards (2)
• K-5 Math Curriculum Innovation, Hannah Ross (K-5)
• Civil Rights: The Power of Speaking Out, Joe Spencer and Donna Dretzka (8)
• Authentic Challenges for Middle School Math Students, Annie Young, Eric Glover and Pete Carlson (6-8)
• Capstone Mentor Program, Nathan Mook (7)
• Dealing with Micro-aggressions, Connie Mohandesi and Mychal Johnson (K-8)

Thanks to the innovation of Chandler faculty, the leadership of school administration, and the generous spirit of Chandler parents, Chandler students will benefit all year from these extraordinary learning experiences. The power of this partnership is a testament to our community’s shared value of Chandler’s core: caring, challenging, committed.

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