Chandler Students Return from Hong Kong Exchange Trip

Chandler School prepares students to be thoughtful global citizens by giving them outstanding foreign language preparation, and experiences with different cultures. A new exchange program, now in its second year, enables 12 Chandler students to spend a week living in Hong Kong with a host family.

Last week, six Chandler girls attended Diocesan Girls Junior School (DGJS), and six Chandler boys attended Diocesan Boys School (DBS). Students lived with local host families whose children attended these schools.

During the week, they participated in classes and did homework assignments just like regular students. They ate meals with their host family, did typical chores, and prepared their own lunches. On weekends, the group toured and visited local sights together.

Unlike being a tourist, the exchange trip exposes students to everyday life in a new country. Chandler students demonstrated their flexibility, sensitivity, adaptability and resourcefulness as they were immersed in a new school, new family, new classmates, and an entirely new culture. They came away greatly enriched by the experience.

The boys and girls from Hong Kong who hosted Chandler students will visit Pasadena and stay with Chandler families in July. They will attend Summer at Chandler classes during the week and tour as a group on the weekends.

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