Clairbourn Explorer Exhibit

Published : Friday, February 20, 2015 | 4:56 PM

Fourth-graders put on a live show in the Clairbourn Multi-Purpose Building dressed as famous explorers. Visitors could travel around the circle of students and hear a memorized 30-second biography by pressing the “on button” on the student’s presentation boards. Dressed in hand-made costumes, each student shared fascinating highlights from the lives of their explorer, made great eye-contact, and practiced their speech projection skills so everyone could hear them in the room buzzing with exciting explorer tales.

To prepare for this activity, students researched explorers at the school library, organized and condensed their research online, wrote the speech, summarized the key elements, and then created note cards for the speech on the computer. Each student was also required to make an information board with pictures and highlights of the explorer’s adventures. The Clairbourn art department gave each student pointers on how to create a tunic that was similar to what their chosen explorer wore. They also made hats and accessories to go with the tunics.

Overall, this experience gives Clairbourn fourth-graders the opportunity to bring history to life, learn research skills, practice public speaking, and learn teamwork by lending support to one another as they prepared their speeches in class.

Check out additional pictures from the event here: Clairbourn Explorer Exhibit

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