Clairbourn School: A Solid Foundation - Both Academic and Social

Published : Thursday, September 3, 2015 | 3:50 PM

Having an academic background ourselves, we want an environment for our daughter that will challenge her to be intellectually independent and to seize the opportunities she will encounter—and that is what Clairbourn stands for. Clairbourn provides a nurturing family atmosphere, focusing on each child’s academic potential while teaching the kids respect and caring for others.

The teachers in the kindergarten class excelled at installing a solid foundation both academically and socially. The well-designed introduction of complex STEM topics in the academic program gave our daughter the means to build on her interests and strengths.

Dr. Zori Buser

Clairbourn School, 8400 Huntington Drive, San Gabriel, (626) 286-3108 or visit

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