Clairbourn School: Learning and Using Correct English Grammar

The advent of social media, which we all find enormously convenient, has brought with it an informality of communication. People of all ages send and receive texts, for instance, and then there’s Twitter, Facebook, and a myriad of other media. Oftentimes, smartphones are used in the process—phones which only have on-screen keyboards. Use of the index finger for typing is not fast enough for most people, so utilizing two thumbs for typing while holding the phone quickly fell into use. Hence, the term “thumb-typing” was coined.

While this type of rapid, often imprecise, communication is likely to be common in the years ahead, we are educating and training our students to be uncommon, even extraordinary. This requires precise, articulately chosen, and correctly expressed language. Without proper instruction and opportunities to practice, young people will fall into common practice and not distinguish themselves as effective communicators and potential leaders. Common parlance and expression are acceptable in many circles, but correct English grammar in both writing and speaking will give our students an additional level of preparation for leadership.

At Clairbourn both writing and speaking receive special focus. These powerful tools have given our graduates opportunities to attend the finest institutions and receive the highest levels of education. Parents can greatly assist in giving our students this advance by encouraging, and even insisting on correct forms of speaking and writing, even in the face of overwhelming numbers of young people who persist in less formal and even incorrect forms of expression.

Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School



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