Clairbourn School's Technology Initiative

The right tools and technology are in Clairbourn classrooms! Students have what they need to compete, progress, and learn.

Published : Thursday, June 28, 2018 | 2:50 PM

Clairbourn develops students into skilled writers, communicators, and learners who are technologically savvy and ready to meet the approaching demands of private high school and college curriculums. Clairbourn is committed to a strong focus on technology education and seeks to equip students with the right tools they need to compete, progress, and be effective.

The curriculum is not static—it’s constantly changing in order to keep pace with advancing technologies and their applications to education. Our program addresses traditional computer skills, newer mainstream and age-appropriate cutting-edge technologies. 3D printers, iPads, touch-screen monitors, and programmable robots are some of the exciting technologies that Clairbourn students have an opportunity to use.

Well-Equipped Classrooms

There are computers and interactive white boards or projectors in every classroom, including the art and music rooms. Clairbourn students of all ages have teacher-directed access to electronic documents, interactive simulations, and Internet-based resources that increase learning engagement and relevance.

Clairbourn’s Innovation Lab is the classroom setting for weekly desktop computer instruction, and the school has a full-time technology specialist. Its lab includes 23 computers, 3D printers, touch-screen monitors, programmable robots, color laser printers, an interactive whiteboard, and a variety of resources such as digital and video cameras, foreign language lab listening equipment, and a wide array of educational and utilities software. There is also campus-wide WiFi.

Instructional Program

Preschool students enjoy teacher-provided presentations on topics of interest using SMARTBoard technology in the classroom.

In kindergarten, students start with 30 minutes of desktop computer instruction a week and then move up to hour-long classes in the elementary grades. Formal keyboarding is taught beginning in first grade. Skills in the areas of word processing and spreadsheets, graphic design, research, programming, and multi-media are taught in age-appropriate ways at every grade level.

By middle school, students have quarterly electives where a wide array of computerapplications are taught and practiced. In addition to learning word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, students also learn 3D design, computer simulations, digital photography, robotics, stop motion animation, and digital art design.

The computer specialist works closely with the librarians, art teacher, foreign language teachers, and classroom teachers supporting instructional objectives in those classrooms.

Mobile Devices

School-owned iPads are used by first, second, and third-graders in the classrooms. A one-to-one laptop program is in place for the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades (with 7th added by Fall of 2018) for writing and research activities. Clairbourn’s 7th and 8th grades currently have a “Bring Your Own Laptop” program in which every student brings his or her laptop to school daily, to be used in all subjects as appropriate. Students can access online programs, which coordinate with many of their textbooks, reinforcing the lessons being taught. In science, English, and history classes, students regularly use their computers for activities such as note taking, research, data analysis, writing, presentations, and desktop publishing.

Online Safety

Issues such as the safe and appropriate use of the Internet, evaluation of online resources, and plagiarism are addressed with all grades. Clairbourn has a well-thought-out and continuously evolving system to make sure our technology is helpful and safe for students. Clairbourn students are taught to use the Internet wisely and safely and are issued an Internet Drivers License on completion of a training program. The license must be renewed yearly to address more advanced user requirements and safety concerns as students move up through the grades.

Monitored Usage

Clairbourn’s campus has wireless internet which is topically-restricted for student use. In the older grades, where students are using mobile devices, teachers have oversight and control of the work being done on these devices through “LAN School” software. This software allows teachers to administer group quizzes, show student work from a device to the group, monitor if students are on task, and blank all screens at once to regain the attention of the room. Also, the school is now an official “Google Apps for Education School” with its own domain so students can find their homework and store their assignments in the cloud.

Parental Support

In order to help parents be well-informed and proactive on technology issues, and help them have the tools and systems needed to keep technology in its proper place in their children’s lives, Clairbourn holds special Internet safety seminars for parents and students.

Wise Use of Technology

In addition to publishing an “Internet Use Policy” in the Student & Parent Handbook, the principles in Clairbourn’s Code of Ethics are also available for application to the use of technology—thus helping to ensure that any action, cyber or otherwise, matches with the school’s values.


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