Clairbourn Students Visit Australia for Student Exchange Program

Published : Tuesday, October 15, 2013 | 12:10 AM

Several students of Clairbourn Middle School went to Australia on Saturday, October 5 in a 10-day exchange program with Huntingtower school in Melbourne.

Clairbourn and Huntingtower have been conducting the program alternately each year that one will serve as the traveling group while the other as the host.

The two institutions have been considered “sister” schools since both share the same year of foundation, similar religious principles, and that both are now open to students of all faiths.

Clairbourn’s middle-schoolers traveled 19 hours through plane to Australia. They visited Healsville Sanctuary, wherein several Australian animals can be found including koala bears, kangaroos, wombats, dingos, and emus.

Clairbourn students then rode the Puffing Billy steam train, paddled boats on Emerald Lake and fed exotic birds in the Dandedong forest area.

The Pasadena students also interacted with students at Huntingtower, visited classes, had an art lesson to make boomerangs in two traditional aboriginal styles, and played popular Australian games with several grade 4 students.

On the weekends, host families took their Clairbourn guests on a variety of excursions around town including Luna Park, the Eureka Skydeck, bike rides along the Yarra river and rugby games at AAMI Park.

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