Clairbourn's Middle School - Grades Six to Eight

Published : Friday, September 1, 2017 | 2:05 PM

Clairbourn's Middle School Students visits Melbourne Australia for the annual student exchange program. Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, for welcoming Clairbourn's Middle School students for the annual student exchange program.

Clairbourn’s Middle School provides a challenging and balanced course of study, a high level of personal attention, regular communication with parents, and a supportive learning environment.

Grade-level deans and an on-site director work with students to develop strategies and attributes for success in the academic and social arenas. The universal values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, spirituality, and honesty, from Clairbourn’s Code of Ethics, are an important aspect of each student’s learning experience at Clairbourn.

Our program is designed to prepare graduates for success in fine private high schools as well as to challenge students to become strong thinkers and learners and confident and caring human beings.

Characteristics Of The Program:

• A highly-qualified, experienced teaching staff
• Small class sizes
• Departmental structure with core teachers specializing in English, history, math, science, French, Latin, and Spanish

Clairbourn School's Student Council

• Specialist teachers in art, music, technology, P.E., and drama
• A “bring your own laptop” style 1:1 laptop program
• A balance of hands-on learning, written reflection, and oral reporting
• Opportunities to build strong communication and presentation skills
• A wide array of assemblies and outside speakers that expose students to diverse perspectives and a breadth of experience
• Involvement in service activities that promote an understanding of community and global responsibility
• Annual outdoor education class trips with an emphasis on the environment, leadership, and team building
• Optional travel opportunities to Costa Rica and Australia

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