Drop 'N Build Tallest Structure Challenge

Middle School S.T.E.M. Activity

Published : Monday, October 12, 2015 | 5:47 PM

Students in Clairbourn’s Middle School experience surprise engineering challenges during the school year. These “Drop Everything and Build” ​classes provide opportunities for problem-solving, ​collaboration, and creative solutions, and help students to think like an engineer. For each activity, ​students have 30 minutes to design and build a structure that fulfills a specific goal.

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The first challenge of the school year was to “Build the Tallest Free-Standing Structure.” The list of materials they could build with were limited to 20 popsicle sticks, 1 hot glue gun with one glue stick, 5 paper clips, 2 drinking straws, and a sheet of paper to form the base. Two seventh-graders were the overall challenge winners and built a structure 175cm tall.

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