Elect to Read at the Pasadena Public Library

Published : Thursday, October 18, 2012 | 12:58 AM

It’s an election year and you don’t have to be an adult to be a part of the process. Children twelve and under can participate and vote for their favorite children’s books during Children’s Book Month in November. It’s easy, fun and allows kids to experience elections first-hand.

Each Pasadena Public Library site will have copies of the nominees for children to review, plus ballots to complete. Voting starts November 1 and will continue through the end of the month. Each voter will also be entered to win a special prize—one per site.

Let your voice be heard. Elect to read at Pasadena Public Library!

For more information, contact Pat Smith at (626) 744-4045 or psmith@cityofpasadena.net.

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