Ellis de Jardin Explains Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy's Renaissance Club

Published : Monday, February 5, 2018 | 12:45 PM

The Renaissance Leadership Organization is a nationally recognized program— thousands of schools all across the nation have incorporated the Renaissance values and programs into their own school communities. The main goal of Renaissance is to encourage and celebrate school unity and identity, so although it is a nationally-recognized organization, there are plenty opportunities for schools to individualize their Renaissance programs to the school’s unique identity and values.

Because FSHA is a Dominican school, the Renaissance Leadership Organization aims to emphasize and encourage one of our four Dominican pillars: community. Our school already has plenty of means by which community is celebrated, such as Big and Little sisters and school-wide mass celebrations.

However, the Renaissance Program hopes to create more opportunities for everyone in the FSHA community–students, faculty members, and staff members– to further develop this sense of community. The Renaissance leaders have experimented with different ways to increase the sense of community in our school.

One of these ways Renaissance has brought the school community closer together is through the sports tournaments during lunch. About once every/every other month, Renaissance organizes these sports events to bring together students of different grades with faculty members. Often times, it is required that teams include at least one faculty or staff member, which assures that students and faculty members get an opportunity to become closer with one another. So far, there has been a dodgeball tournament, badminton tournament, and a break free tournament, all of which have been a major hit in the schoolwide community.

Another activity Renaissance is doing this year to further unify our students and faculty is the recognition of staff/faculty departments of the month. The Renaissance leaders choose to recognize different departments each month, making sure that the faculty and staff members are made more conscious of their hard work, and to make sure that they know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. During the year, the Renaissance team will reward the chosen staff/faculty departments with a coffee in the morning. At the end of the year, the Renaissance will distribute handmade, ceramic coasters to all the members of the recognized departments.

Furthermore, Renaissance is organizing the FSHA Fair, which will occur on May 18th, 2018. This will be similar to Cottonwood from the past years, where the entire school body is encouraged to participate in fun activities and games.

All in all, the Renaissance organization strives to emphasize the unity amongst the students, staff, and faculty members all over the FSHA campus. Through little ceremonies or recognition, or large, school-wide lunchtime tournaments, the Renaissance program celebrates school spirit and community.

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