Episcopal Identity at The Gooden School

There are nearly 1,200 Episcopal schools and early childhood education programs throughout the United States. The Gooden School has been educating children in Sierra Madre since 1975.

Students of all faith traditions are welcomed and respected at The Gooden School.

Episcopal schools invite all who attend and are willing to work in them – Episcopalians and non-Episcopalians, Christians, non-Christians Jews, Muslims, people without any faith or tradition – both to seek clarity about their own beliefs and spirituality and to honor those traditions more fully and faithfully in their own lives.

Students at Gooden attend chapel services together twice each week. Chapel is one of the hallmarks of an Episcopal education. It provides a place for children to express the spirituality that dwells within them. They sing hymns, pray formally and informally, learn about the basic building blocks of faith traditions, read scripture and hear and learn from a homily presented by school chaplain or a guest speaker. Families and friends are always welcome to join the students, faculty and staff in chapel.

Another hallmark of an Episcopal education is a strong academic program. Students are challenged to come up with questions from factual information and then to provide support in their responses, to compare and contrast content, and to create projects that reflect understanding of concepts. At Gooden, students are taught how to persevere despite challenges and are supported and enriched in all subject areas.

Through spiritual, academic, and service-learning programs, Episcopal schools urge students toward a future where they will serve as leaders. The Gooden School is proud to be part of this rich legacy; there are many layers of excellence in educating the whole child.

Students in sixth through eighth grades also participate in Faith & Ethics classes. These are not doctrinal classes, but rather a forum for students to discuss various religious traditions and the interaction of faith and ethics in the global community.

The Gooden School believes that the spiritual development of students gives greater meaning to their intellectual, creative, and physical endeavors. Gooden believes in inclusiveness and the school values and honor diversity. Learning to question, consider, test, and evaluate are skills that students adopt during their years at Gooden.

The Gooden School is located at 192 North Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre. For admissions or other enquiries, please contact Assistant Head of School Marianne Ryan at (626) 355-2410 ext. 23 or mryan@goodenschool.org.





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