First Debate Team for Mayfield Junior School

Published : Monday, November 17, 2014 | 12:45 PM

There’s been much buzz around campus of late about project based learning, at the heart of which are investigation and problem solving. My ears perk up a little whenever someone is in conversation about these “new” learning methods; mostly because I’ve yet to hear an objective which is missed by our debate team. Student led? Check! Critical thinking and collaboration? Check! Resource handling? Check! Learning feedback and presentation for a public audience? Check, check check!!! Not bad at all.

On November 1, Mayfield Junior School Debate competed in it’s first league tournament. Many thanks to all those who came out to show support. At one point during the long day a parent remarked, “Everything that we send our kids to Mayfield for academically, is on display today…” Not bad at all. Even better we placed 4th in the tournament!

The best part is this highlights what amazing students we have at MJS, whom we should not forget benefit from amazing educators. Our next tournament is December 13 at Westridge.

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