Five Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids this Halloween

Published : Monday, October 1, 2018 | 6:56 PM

It is that time of year when all things orange, black, and white come out and there is nothing better than finding a timely and easy list of Halloween craft ideas for your kids to work on!

Activity #1: Trick-or-Treat Tear Art
● Construction paper (yellow, orange, white)
● Print out of candy corn
● Glue

Little ones will enjoy tearing the construction paper in small pieces and gluing on the candy corn print out. This fun activity also provides a great deal of fine motor development and color recognition. Fun and educational.

Activity #2: Spooky Sensory Bags
● Hair gel
● Food coloring
● Tape
● Ziploc bags
● Spooky items (googly eyes, plastic spiders, witches nails, etc.)

Children learn through their five senses. These spooky sensory bags are sure to be a crowd pleaser with the fun, squishy texture. All you need to do is place hair gel inside (great from your local discount store) a Ziploc, add a Halloween color of your choice and any spooky plastic items, and tape the top. Prepare for a spooky sensory exploration. Boo!

Activity #3: Play Doh Monsters
● Your favorite play doh recipe or store bought
● Googly eyes
● Pipe cleaners
● Play doh tools (rolling pins, plastic knives, etc).

Let your child create their own monster mash through the wonderful medium of play doh. Children will enjoy kneading the doh as they use their fine motor muscles and imaginations to create a scary creature of their own.

Activity #4: Cookie Cutter Ghosts

● Ghost cookie cutter
● Black construction paper
● White paint

Children will enjoy making ghostly designs with this simple paint stamping projects. Dip, squish and stamp to make decorative, boo-tiful art.

Activity #5: The Very Busy Spider
● The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
● Paper plates
● Yarn
● Scotch tape
● One hole punch
● Model Magic or play doh (optional)

After curling up for a great read, The Very Busy Spider, have your child make their own spider’s web. Children will enjoy using the one hole punch as a new tool. Encourage your spider seeker to punch holes on the outside of a paper plate. Once completed, provide yarn to lace back and forth. You may want to add a small piece of tape to ease in the lacing. Again, a fine motor booster in using the hole punch and lacing back and forth. Add a spider from the store or create your own with model magic or play doh.

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