Flintridge Prep Kids Create Fairytales en Espanol for Patients at La Mascota Hospital in Nicaragua

Published : Thursday, April 16, 2015 | 2:08 PM

Thanks to students in Katie Canton’s Spanish classes, 15 original Spanish fairytale books will be winging their way to La Mascota Children’s Hospital in Nicaragua this summer. Canton has been giving this assignment for years so students can stretch their vocabularies (how do you say “dragon tamer” in Spanish? “Domador de dragon,” of course), write at length, improve their grammar and, most importantly, have fun. The witty, colorful and original fairytales are written and illustrated by pairs of students and presented in class.

This year, Manny Nuñez suggested that the fairytales be sturdily bound and presented to La Mascota Hospital, providing a foundation for a library there. Since 2008, Prep students have been travelling to Nicaragua each summer to take part in a two-way exchange with St. Mary’s school and to spend time volunteering at La Mascota, the country’s only children’s hospital. This year, Prep students participating in the Nicaragua Initiative will be able to read their friends’ fairytales to cancer patients at the hospital.

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