Flintridge Sacred Heart Alumnae are Finalists in National Physics Photography Competition

Published : Friday, July 21, 2017 | 12:10 PM

Sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers, two tologs are finalists in their national high school physics photo contest. This year there were over 700 entries, and the top 100 are selected to be displayed and judged at the AAPT national meeting. At that meeting, physicists will vote on the winners based on quality of photo and quality of physics description. Photos taken by Skyler Modrzejewski ’17 and Kari Savoie ’17 were selected among the top 100.

Skyler Modrzejewski – 2017 (National Finalist)

Before this photo, my friend was riding his skateboard at a constant velocity and maintaining his momentum to have the applied speed to execute the perfect trick. He performed an ollie while in motion. The force applied by the back foot on the tail is an impulse similar to the impact of a bat hitting a baseball, that elevates the front part of the board into the air. With a high impulse, this allows the back wheels to be lifted up as well creating an unbalanced force push. Since the board is rising in the air, the front foot in its stationary position will cause the board to stop rising in the front allowing the back portion of the board to rise to its maximum height. This exchange of unbalanced forces from two ends of the board lets the board jump in the air around its center of mass, which is located just below the board between the wheels. The force of the feet keeps the board from overcompensating for its flight, letting it land correctly.

Reflections of Consumerism
Kari Savoie – 2017 (National Finalist)

This photo captures a moment on the Las Vegas Strip in which the camera is pointing toward a glass side of a pedestrian walkway that runs over the street and the frame includes partial reflections from several hotels’ and business’ signs along Las Vegas Boulevard. The light from the Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Polo Towers signs is coming from behind the camera’s frame. It is being partially reflected through the pane of glass and this is occurring due to the photo being taken at night, as it would not be as visible during the day. The absence of natural light from the sun results in the lit up signs constituting the only light going through the glass, so the only light seen is that which is being partially reflected. In contrast to irises contracting during the day, at night, our pupils dilate due to the lack of light and we are able to clearly see what is being reflected off the glass. Due to this phenomenon, the image captures not only what lies in front of the glass on the street and on several buildings, but also the bright shop and hotel signs reflecting through the glass.

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