Flintridge Sacred Heart Student's Story Published in Spanish-Language Digital Magazine

Published : Monday, January 8, 2018 | 4:12 PM

Delaney Miller ’21, a Spanish 2 student, wrote a story in Spanish for Revista Literal, a digital magazine, and it was just published in the recent January edition.

As part of our new Spanish 2 curriculum, students spend a few minutes each class reading. And last semester, well-known World Language/Comprehensible Input Leader Martina Bex introduced a free, monthly e-zine with texts created by novice-level Spanish language learners and for novice-level Spanish language learners, Revista Literal. Each month students can submit short stories in Spanish that they have written (in class or on their own) and then selected stories are published for language learners to read on their own. Our Spanish 2 students have been reading this e-zine and have been very engaged with it.

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