Getting Medieval in Poly Middle School

Published : Monday, June 11, 2018 | 5:28 PM

Dressed in homemade costumes, sixth-graders recently completed their study of King Arthur in English and the Middle Ages in History with their annual medieval festival. The day included student performances, followed by activities such as bocce ball, learning about medieval weaponry and tactics, reenacting the Battle of Hastings, discovering how to fire a catapult, and creating chain mail.

Later students listened to stories from “1001 Arabian Nights” performed by Tom Allard, and then played board games or participated in a jousting match using kindergarten tricycles as their trusty steeds. Thanks to the hard work of the parent volunteers, the highlight of the day was the vast and delicious feast eaten, of course, with bare hands in the great dining hall, decorated with banners and goblets.

See a slideshow of the day’s events at

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