Happy Thanksgiving from VADA

Published : Friday, November 29, 2019 | 5:45 PM

On the last day before break Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) Students took a moment to note things and people they are thankful for.

“I am absolutely thankful to know each of you, everyday I am grateful to learn something from you.” – a grateful student

Many Teachers work extremely hard, dedicating their lives to educating the youth. They don’t do it for the pay; they don’t do it for the praise. Instead, they teach because they want to make a difference and for that the students are most grateful! Happy Thanksgiving VADA Teachers!

The Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) in Creative Arts Media and Design (CAMAD) at Pasadena High School is a studio arts focused program within PUSD. Students explore traditional and digital media cross curricular integrated projects and daily studio practice.

For more information, visit https://www.pusd.us/Page/3022 or their Facebook Page.






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