Headmaster Shapes Maranatha and the Community at Large

Published : Wednesday, October 23, 2013 | 8:23 PM

In his first six months as headmaster of Maranatha, Dr. Gyertson has been spending time getting to know Maranatha, as well as working closely with our Board of Trustees and the school’s leadership team. He has also spent significant time in the greater Pasadena community meeting with leaders in a position to support or impact Maranatha. He has met with several pastors as well as community leaders such as the President of Fuller Seminary, the Mayor of Pasadena, Pasadena City Council members, the Chief of Police, local heads of schools, and media heads. With each visit, Dr. Gyertson strives to increase the visibility of Maranatha, convey our vision, enhance community relationships, and explore ways to partner together to serve not only Maranatha, but the greater community around us.

Maranatha High School is blessed to have a Headmaster that is a well-known and highly respected Christian leader. Dr. Gyertson has frequent opportunity to speak within the greater community. In September, he spoke at all three services at Lake Avenue Congregational Church, finishing up a series for Dr. Waybright on following God’s calling to spread the love of Christ to the world. Just last week, Dr. Gyertson presented five sessions on spiritual formation and renewal for a Southern California Salvation Army leadership conference. In November, he will be the keynote speaker for a training program Azusa Pacific University is launching with 120 of their administrators. He will speak on what a Christ-centered leadership approach looks like.

Besides his speaking engagements, Dr. Gyertson has influence in his written work and as a respected leader. Dr. Gyertson has published over 400 articles and two books on a range of topics, many centered on his spiritual calling of “encouragement and support for Christian leaders.” This next summer, he has five articles coming out in the Encyclopedia of Christian Education, a primary global source for educational leadership. His articles are on topics such as board governance, strategic planning, and executive transitions. Dr. Gyertson has been invited to serve on several boards of both educational and non-profit institutions. He currently serves on the board of the Christian Broadcasting Associates in Canada. He is also a Senior Fellow for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and has the opportunity to mentor and coach at the executive level. And he is a Senior Fellow for the Engstrom Institute of the Christian Leadership Alliance.

Dr. Gyertson has already had a chance to impact our own community through both speaking and writing. He has spoken at graduation, chapel, and a number of other parent meetings and admissions events. Once a month Maranatha staff members have the opportunity to hear him share at the All-Staff meeting that he leads. After one recent staff training session he led, several staff commented on the level of wisdom and integrity by which he taught. Some of his recent papers are available to view on our website under the “About” tab, “Office of the Headmaster.” Maranatha High School is truly blessed to have such an influential and faithful servant right here at Maranatha!

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