Helping A Million Kids, One Family At A Time

It’s that time of year where families all across the country are trying to figure out where and how to send their kids to college. It is an arduous task, even for those that may have a grasp of the process. It’s a trial of countless forms, admissions procedures, endless campus visits and then the final tribulation, how to find the finances to make this all a reality.

Enter, Athletic Scholarships R Us, or ASRUS for short. ASRUS is a company comprised of former professional athletes, NCAA collegiate players, coaches, business men and women and most importantly, parents. A collection of people who know first-hand how much time, money and effort a student athlete put’s into the pursuit of the dream of higher education through athletics.

ASRUS uses a proprietary software that factors in all the tangibles such as what is the sport the student participates in, the students GPA and SAT/ACT scores, what region of the country the student may want to attend school and even the size of the school as to amount of students enrolled. It can even break it down by the NCAA class of divisions, (D1, D2, D3, NAIA and JC’s). Once this is all entered into the software, which takes just minutes, the student athlete will see a list of no less than 25 schools where they are academically qualified to attend and most importantly, that are offering athletic scholarships for their given sports.

And it gets even better. Once the student athlete and family narrow down to their top 5-7 schools, then ASRUS Info Managers will contact those schools and deliver to the coaching staff a state of the art student profile that includes the student athlete academic profile, social profile and video profiles pertinent to their sport. Then they will work with the college coaches to secure a scholarship offer on behalf of the student athlete.

One of ASRUS founding partners Darrell Reece said “This has been a dream of ours for years to simplify a system that has become very trying and confusing for most parents to navigate on their own. We have created a simple, easy to use software interface that takes almost all the guess work out of the process and ASRUS is there to hold your hand and guide you through the entire way.” Reece added, “The software covers virtually every sport that a student may compete in, including cheerleading. We are so excited to bring this software with service to families all across the country and begin our quest to Helping a Million Kids.”

Athletic Scholarships R Us uses a proprietary software program that has been developed to take all of the guesswork out of finding the right college fit for the student athlete. The program has been designed specifically for assisting high school student athletes in securing collegiate athletic scholarships.

For more information, visit     or call (323) 330-0540.


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