Here Comes The Sun

With a future so bright, you’ll have to wear your shades because it’s summertime! Southwestern Academy’s Summer Adventures program is taking place again this summer at the San Marino campus for grades 7-12, and the Beaver Creek Ranch campus for grades 9-12.The Summer Adventures Program helps students meet academic needs, travel on frequent field trips, and participate in daily after school sports and other fun activities.

Alexander J. Cabalu, English Language Teacher, Southwestern Academy believes that everyone and everything are works in progress.

“Last summer, in a beginner- level ESL class, we had the freedom and enough time to work on screen printing images to t-shirts. Some of the students picked an image that was special to them, while others chose text that was related to the readings we were doing in class,” he said.

Who says that summer school is all work and no fun? The Summer Adventures Program lets students enjoy their summer while still working towards their graduation requirements. While students study to sharpen their GPAs and test-taking skills, they can explore nature by hiking, take part in a variety of different sporting events such as basketball games, go to theme parks like Disneyland, explore college campuses, museums, and make friends from all over world.

“All students enjoy the simple process and it provides something different from the usual class work. Summer classes at Southwestern are like this, which is to say that there is enough time to do all of the necessary work, but we are also free to be creative in different ways,” said Cabalu.

Southwestern Academy’s San Marino Campus is located at 2800 Monterey Road in San Marino. Call (626) 799¬5010 x 5, or visit for more details.



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