Here's 3,540 Ways Mayfield Senior School Students are Making a Difference

Published : Friday, September 22, 2017 | 12:26 PM

Mayfield Senior School students pack thousands of bags of groceries for the needy at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

During a non-stop morning of service, the Mayfield freshman class recently packed 3,540 bags of groceries at the Los Angeles Food Bank, showing their collective “Actions Not Words” spirit of the school motto.

But that was just the beginning of the service work already underway this year among the students at this all-girls Catholic high school in Pasadena.

Junior theology classes are serving meals to the homeless and poor at the St. Francis Center in downtown Los Angeles, linking lessons on Catholic social justice teaching to direct service. Students and faculty members donated more than a pallet of bottled water and boxes of socks to hurricane victims.

The Campus Ministry team organized an impressive Service Fair designed to introduce students to more than a dozen non-profit groups that need their help. Mayfield students will collectively volunteer an estimated 10,000 hours or more this school year.

In addition, Lauren Spensiero and Trinity Gomez , both senior campus ministry leaders,
volunteered for two weeks this summer at Cornelia Connelly Center in New York, a Holy Child middle school for at-risk girls. At the service fair they spoke to their classmates about the importance of connecting with those they serve.

“I never realized how much of a role model I could be for these young girls,” Lauren said, adding that by modeling loving actions they were able to show young girls “what it means to be Holy Child sisters… They made new friends and showed respect toward their teachers and others.”

Campus Minister Teri Gonzales, who is beginning her second year at Mayfield, said that one of her goals this year is to develop leadership skills among her Campus Ministry team, which has grown to more than 30 members.

It’s part of our Mayfield effort to develop strong young women of faith. Mayfield is an independent, college prep school sponsored by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and is committed to academic excellence within the context of Christian values.

“We are giving back and doing something that is actually touching people’s lives in a profound way,” Head of School Kate Morin told students at a recent assembly. “Even more than that, service is a way of prayer, a way to bring love into the world. It connects us with our understanding of what we are supposed to be in our lives—and that is becoming the people God wants us to be.”

Margo Erie, a senior, urged her classmates to think about sharing their talents.

“I challenge you guys to take something you are passionate about… and find a service organization to share your love.”

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