Here’s What You Need to Know About Boarding School

Students experience education on a whole new level while living on campus by gaining an independence that not many pre-teens and teens usually get at home.

At Southwestern Academy, students who live with classmates from around the world learn more about other cultures and expand their horizons day after day – and they also have loads of fun!

There is always someone around to hang out with, help with homework or listen to you when you just need to talk. Most of the lifelong friendship and relationships are made here – in boarding schools and classrooms.

Boarding schools receive high marks from their students. According to a research report made by the “Art & Science Group for the Association of Boarding Schools,” shows that boarding schools deliver big benefits, including teaching students how to develop leaderships skills, set goals and budget time and practice self-discipline and responsibility. They also help to develop independent thinking and prepare really well for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management.

If you would like to get some more information, Southwestern Academy’s San Marino Campus is located at 2800 Monterey Road in San Marino. You can also call (626) 799-5010 or visit for more details.


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