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Published : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 | 7:09 PM

Advisement and Counseling

Each student is assigned a faculty member as an advisor. This teacher helps students plan their schedules, maintains a record of progress towards graduation requirements, and generally oversees the academic performance of his/her students through frequent meetings.

Honors and Awards

Academic recognitions are given at the end of each school year. The Gold Award is given for straight “A” grades in all academic subjects. The Silver Award recognizes students who receive all “A” and “B” grades. Other recognition is given by departments and various community groups for outstanding performance.

High School Curriculum

*Intramural and interscholastic teams include volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, track, golf, cross-country, and baseball.

**Electives can include art, art history, computer literacy, contemporary history, creative writing, photography, world affairs, music, keyboarding, music appreciation, publications and yearbook, student government, drama, speech, honors chorale, chorus, chamber orchestra. Other electives and independent study courses may be arranged through a student’s advisor as needed and desired.

To see a description for each class, download the General Catalog.

Postgraduate Program

Students use Southwestern Academy’s postgraduate opportunities to take advanced level classes, improve grades in previously taken classes, or to study English before moving on to college. Families considering a postgraduate year will consult with our academic deans to design the best possible program to strengthen the student for success in the right college or university.

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