How High Can a High Point Eagle Soar?

Published : Tuesday, December 11, 2018 | 1:01 PM

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On Saturday, December 8th, the High Poing Academy (HPA)’s Stratosphere Club (after school enrichment class taught by HPA parents Kaveh Hosseini, Marc Angelino, and Joe Kaufman) launched an HPA Eagle with a latex balloon from Jackie Robinson Field in Pasadena. The High Point Eagle mascot climbed much higher and flew much further than anticipated. It seems the latex balloon was of a much sturdier construction quality than expected and refused to burst at 23,000 m.

The balloon kept stretching until it reached a staggering altitude of 29,135 m (95,587 feet). As a result, when the Eagle came down using its parachute, it did not land in Beaumont, but in Indio in the middle of a baseball field during a game in Shadow Hills High School! HPA thanks Kaveh Hosseini, Marc Angelino, and Joe Kaufman for envisioning and orchestrating the highly successful High Point Stratosphere Club!

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