How Schools Can Go Green

Schools are full of bright children willing to soak up knowledge like little sponges. The surest way to start a movement that can change the world is start with a group of children. Going green is an effort sweeping the globe. Schools can start the process in the classroom for far-reaching benefits.

If you have a child in elementary school, you know the sheer volume of paper that comes through your front door and even more stays at school. When teachers institute a zero waste policy and sets recycling standards in place there is a significant reduction in waste.

Schools can also buy books and papers made with recycled materials, use energy efficient light bulbs, opt for reusable lunch bags and refillable water bottles both at home and in the classroom or recycle things such as Capri sun drink pouches.

Schools can grow a garden and implement a composting program put into place with school lunch refuse. Teaching students about how their actions impact the global community helps spread the eco-friendly practices. Even better, all of these solutions can be implemented at home too. Consider this your most important homework assignment yet.

Arroyo Pacific Academy is setting the standard for their students with their newly purchased recycling bins. The schools should be proud of the positive message they are sending to their students and the community.

Arroyo Pacific Academy is located at 41 West Santa Clara Street in Arcadia and can be reached at (626) 294-0661. You can visit the school online at


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