How to be a Global Student

When students start a new school year, the end goal is for the child to leave school a wiser person. Not just apply academically, but socially too. An important part of education that has nothing to do with books is how to become a positive member of society.

Part of being a global citizen is traveling to unfamiliar areas. There is a great traveling program in place at Arroyo Pacific Academy. Students have recently visited Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland and Italy. Their traveling program has been around for a decade and also includes local excursions.

The activities available to the students at Arroyo Pacific Academy foster global students and cultured people. In addition to band, chorus and orchestra students can take classes in performing arts, dance and technical theater. They can get real world experience in school drama productions and a chance to participate in annual Festival of the Arts.

In addition to these excursions and experiences, it’s important to take part in the community. The school offers community service programs and multiple field trip opportunities to local places. School should prepare students for more than just tests – but how to be a global citizen.

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