How to Manage Exam Stress

Published : Monday, May 22, 2017 | 12:30 PM

Aleme Girma

Maranatha Physics teacher Girma Aleme was recently mentioned in the blog section of a top educational resource site

In the blog post, Mr. Aleme writes about the importance of not neglecting your own health during the stress of taking exams. “Before exam times, students need to have enough sleep. Having enough sleep is equivalent to nurturing the mind. Our mind needs rest and relaxation to think effectively and efficiently. This action is just refreshing your mind to update the “Inner Software” in your brain. Managing time and self-control is very important to avoid stress. A student who manages his/her study times would build enough confidence to score better in exams. Breath deeply and exercise once per day to get the normal function of your blood circulation and become stress free. You need a time of reflection and meditation away from the noise of your surroundings in a quiet place so that your brain would be able to download and make connections with the concepts you’ve just studied and your past knowledge, in the cognitive domain. This can boost your long-term memories. Do last minutes recaps before entering the exam room from the short notes you may have scribbled. This may help you to boost your short-term memories.”

Mr. Aleme is completing his first year teaching at Maranatha in the Science Department. Dean of Academics Dr. Rocio Watkins says, “Mr. Aleme has brought leadership and rigor to the Physics and AP Physics department this year. He led this year’s Science Bowl Club, which met during lunch time and after school, devoting many extra-curricular hours to the development of young science scholars. These Maranatha students prepared all year to participate in JPL’s Annual Science Bowl competition. Only 20 high schools were selected to participate among a pool of 400 high schools that applied to the program.”

As a Christian educator, Mr. Aleme pursues continuing education to improve his practice and to grow in his discipline. He has attended many AP conferences and is currently in a single-subject certification program. He is also an innovator who enjoys delving into creative ways to engage and motivate his AP Physics students to perform a higher-capacity levels. To this end, he used the AP technology integration tool Maranatha utilized this year,, to its highest potential, having his students answer over 3,000 AP Physics-level questions this year alone. He also interacted with the site’s teacher competitions, promoting our school on’s social media accounts. Dr. Watkins went on to say, “Mr. Aleme loves his students, and he loves watching them learn and grow while having fun doing AP problems.” We appreciate Mr. Aleme’s hard work and dedication to the mission of this school.

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