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We live in an age where locations matter much less than they used to. Mobile technology has now made the act of sitting down in front of a TV to watch a show almost old fashioned. Today you can stream live videos and music anytime from anywhere in the world in an instant, content now it seems, knows no bounds.

Idyllwild Arts recently joined Verizon’s Go90 App to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like Idyllwild Arts Academy. Their introductory episode, called “People Shouldn’t be Judged by How They look,” shows us that the school is meeting place for creative minds and provides the opportunity for young people to foster their skills.

Idyllwild Arts is known for its breadth of art programs including, moving pictures, fashion, dance visual arts and creative writing. In addition to being a full-time college-preparatory school, Idyllwild also offers a summer arts intensive program for all ages. Get a feel for the school by downloading the app to watch all 10 episodes.

Go90 is a free app, available on Google Play and iPhone, for more details visit:

Idyllwild Arts Academy is located at 2500 Temecula Rd in Idyllwild, CA. You can visit the school at


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