Immaculate Heart High School: "Engineering Your World"

Published : Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | 1:59 PM

Immaculate Heart High School Science Chair Rob Vondrak’s “Engineering Your World” students have designed and built working pinhole cameras.

The goal of their assignment was not just to make these cameras, but to write instructions so that others could recreate their results. Specifically, the students were tasked with creating a camera that elderly people could make and use. They therefore had to consider how user-friendly the tasks were, and whether the camera could be operated by someone with limited mobility.

With all of these guidelines in mind, the students learned about the science of pinhole cameras and built prototypes, which they then used to take negative photographs. Time permitting, the class may experiment next with digitally adjusting the levels of their negatives in order to create a colorized picture.

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