Immaculate Heart High School "Ruffing Up" Shakespeare

Published : Friday, February 2, 2018 | 4:07 PM

To launch the semester class, students formed a Shakespearean theatre company, which they dubbed the “Immaculata Royales of the Order of the Rose,” shown here with Instructor Callie Webb.

Immaculate Heart High School seniors in English teacher Callie Webb’s “Shakespeare” class got “ruffed up” for a class project.

The students created faux Elizabethan-style ruffs out of coffee filters, which they wore while they performed short Shakespearean conversations they had written. The project was a creative way to introduce students to Elizabethan-era pronouns, verb inflections, and sentence structure.

After making their ruffs out of around 40 coffee filters, students helped each other tie them on and fluff them out for full Elizabethan effect.

In addition to the grammatical constructions, students also drew upon odd and troublesome words like “foppery” and “perforce.” As a fun addition, students also created their own Shakespearean insults, which they hurled at their conversational partner at the end of their exchanges.

The conversations were amusing amalgamations of contemporary experiences, like getting ice cream after school or watching television, and the classical constructions of Early Modern English—all with the students’ own creative flair.

The conversational groups ranged from two to three students, and each group exchanged over-the-top Shakespearean insults at the end of their performances.

About Immaculate Heart

Founded in 1906, Immaculate Heart High School & Middle School educates young women in grades sixth through 12th from its central location in the Los Feliz foothills near Griffith Park in Hollywood. The school has a long and distinguished history, with more than 10,000 graduates. Today’s student body of more than 700 young women is both geographically and ethnically diverse, drawing on students from throughout Los Angeles County. Last year, virtually 100 percent of Immaculate Heart graduates matriculated to colleges, including the most prestigious schools in the country.








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