Immaculate Heart Recognizes Catholic Schools Week

Published : Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | 6:17 PM

Holy Family Church’s Father Marlon Mateo presided over IHHS’ Ring Ceremony mass.

Last week, Immaculate Heart High School observed Catholic Schools Week, anchoring the week-long celebration of IHHS’ identity and values with the Junior Ring Ceremony. The Ring Ceremony is a longstanding Immaculate Heart tradition that marks the juniors’ official transition to upperclassmen by presenting them with their class rings.

Senior Shea Sprague (left) poses with her junior sister Amanda Ritts (right) after the Ring Ceremony.

After a mass led by Father Marlon Mateo of Holy Family Church, Immaculate Heart President and alumna Maureen Diekmann, Class of 1969, talked about the importance of Mary’s patronage and example, as well as the symbolism of the ring’s crest—a fiery heart, surrounded by roses and pierced by a sword. Together, the ring represents Mary’s suffering, as well as her passion and love for all people.

Freshmen and sophomores all worked hard to make Valentines for the patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Principal Naemah Zarif Morris, Class of 1995, then led attending alumnae in blessing the rings before each junior came up to receive her ring, a rose, and a letter of encouragement from a senior sister.

This meaningful tradition commemorates the continual renewal of Immaculate Heart’s values and community, as the seniors prepare to pass the torch of leadership to the juniors.

Together, freshmen and sophomores created around 200 paper cranes to decorate posters for the juniors.

While the juniors and seniors attended in the Ring Ceremony, the freshmen and sophomores also participated in Catholic Schools Week by crafting Valentines for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, corsages for the retired sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Kenmore Residence, and paper cranes to decorate posters honoring the juniors.

Each Valentine is unique, and all were created with love and care.

Each of these activities gave students a way to honor Immaculate Heart’s commitment to service by creating things that would bring joy to those who received them.

The corsages made by the students will become colorful accessories for a small tea party between the retired sisters at the Kenmore Residence and Immaculate Heart High School students.

About Immaculate Heart

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