Introducing Pasadena Waldorf School's New Preschool Site on Mendocino Street Campus in Altadena

Published : Thursday, February 25, 2016 | 3:59 PM

A peek into Pasadena Waldorf School’s new ‎Pre-school‬ site on the Mendocino Street campus in ‪‎Altadena‬. Two classrooms, a farm yard with six raised ‪‎garden‬ beds and ‪‎chickencoop‬ plus the new play yard featuring the beautiful and imaginative playhouse (above) built by one of PWS preschool dads.

Pasadena Waldorf School, 209 E. Mariposa St., Altadena, (626) 794-9564 or visit

Shane's chicken coop at the new preschool farm yard looks more like a chicken castle!

PWS' first preschool "student" arrived at her new home earlier. PWS thinks Ginger the #flemishgiant rabbit is going to love all the vegetables from the garden and playing with her new friends!

PWS' music and woodworking teachers were full of smiles helping out with the new playhouse deck.

The New Preschool Farm Yard

Preschool Raising Day. Garden beds in the farm yard going up.

The preschool families have come out in large numbers to support the move. Thank you families!








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