Introducing Sequoyah's Summerhouse Crew

Published : Friday, July 7, 2017 | 4:23 PM

This seriously joyful Sequoyah Summerhouse crew can’t wait to meet each Summerhouse participant each day and even brag about their experiences with each other! Look out for them because they’re shaping up would be standouts for 2017-18! The list ain’t complete, more information is at

You can’t not love Ethan! Ethan, everybody! One of the most hands-on, gung-ho, willing workers you’ll meet!

Here’s Nils!! He is one of Sequoyah’s two amazing Activity Gurus, an avid crafter and builder of bicycle wheels!

Meet Zack — he’s one of Sequoyah Summerhouse’s great crew in training, a talented singer and buffalo wing aficionado!

It’s that time again! Meet Antonio, one of Sequoyah Summerhouse’s Crew – when he isn’t at Summerhouse, he is busy writing, playing and producing music!

Meet DeeDee – she’s one of Sequoyah’s brand new Summerhouse crew, a pre-med student at Boston University, and an amazing interested, interesting person!

Meet Maggie, one of Sequoyah’s amazing new Summerhouse crew members! She is a talented singer & song writer, and loves progressive education!

Meet Lucas! He is one of Sequoyah’s amazing Summerhouse Crew in Training here for session one of Summerhouse!

Up next, Cameron! Cameron is currently studying at USC, loves comedy, and is energetic and playful!

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