Jackson Elementary Receives Art from Interfaith Middle School Group

Published : Friday, January 23, 2015 | 3:10 PM

Student representatives left to right: Karen Ohlgisser, Alec Weissman, Madison Gibson, Abdullah Hasan, Noor Hasan, Adrian Arcaro.

The STEM banners are unfurled at Jackson Elementary's STEM Showcase.

On Friday morning, during Jackson Elementary School’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Showcase, the middle school representatives from Weizmann Day School, New Horizon School and the Peace & Justice Academy delivered the beautiful murals they painted for the school right before Thanksgiving. Jackson Principal, Rita Exposito, thanked the students for their beautiful art, saying “The pictures did not do it justice.” The murals support STEM learning in public elementary schools and will hang at Jackson to inspire the students.

The project took shape after the Peace & Justice Academy was awarded two small grants. One was from the Pasadena Gun Buy Back Program with the intent to reach across boundaries and create bridges. The other came from Pasadena Rotary Club specifically to do a mural for a public school. The art was designed with Jackson Elementary School in mind and the day of creativity and fun for the middle schools was organized by the students at the Peace & Justice Academy Interfaith High School.

Representing Weizmann Day School were students Alec Weissman and Karen Ohlgisser; from New Horizons School, Noor Hasan and Abdullah Hasan (no relation); and from the Peace & Justice Academy, Madison Gibson and Adrian Arcaro.

For more information on the schools go to: http://newhorizonschool.org/, http://www.weizmann.net or www.ThePeaceAcademy.org.

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