K. L. Carver Elementary School Teamed Up with Innisbrook School Supplies

Innisbrook School Supplies

K. L. Carver Elementary School has teamed up with Innisbrook to make shopping for school supplies easy and convenient. Carver school teachers have created a Back-to-School Pack for each grade, which includes supplies each child’s teacher requests. Simply order the pack for one’s child’s incoming grade and it will be delivered to their homes before the first day of school. Go to www.ordermypack.com and enter Carver’s school code (104771). Pay with a credit card at checkout. Click here for more details and prices.

This opportunity started in May 15th and will end on June 30th. Please call Lulu Cates at (626) 281-1434 with any further questions. If you’d rather purchase school supplies independently, click here for a printable version of the school supplies list that will also be included in report card envelopes coming home in June.

Please note, this event is completely voluntary and separate from the Instructional Materials and Teachers’ Wish List Donations that are suggested with your First Day Packet in the fall.

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