La Salle Celebrates St Baldrick’s Day

Event organizers Julia Jacques and Kimberlyn Kelly with Vinny Degatto, La Salle's Student Life President.
Paul Hoffman, Dean Brumm and Patrick Sullivan

On Thursday, March 22nd, La Salle High School hosted a fundraising event for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Money raised for St. Baldrick’s is used to fund research projects dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancer. One aspect of La Salle’s mission statement calls students to “respond passionately to the needs of others” and, in orchestrating this event, senior Kimberlyn Kelly has done just that. After seeing other St. Baldrick’s events, Kelly tackled the challenge of bringing such an event to La Salle. She encouraged over 30 students and faculty members to be “shavees,” participants who pledge to raise money for St. Baldrick’s and shave their heads on stage during the event. In addition to recruiting participants from La Salle, Kelly also reached out to St. Francis High School, garnering an additional shavee. Between donations collected online and at the event, almost $6,000 was raised for the foundation.

Mr. Ed O"Connor, Student Life Moderator, Bridget Quiambo, the only girl "Shavee" and Mr. Owen Hou from the Guidance and Counseling Department.
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