Learn Language Through Play

Published : Friday, April 29, 2016 | 4:27 PM

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion Adventure Camp has been about adventure from day one. Their recipe for success combines creative activity with Spanish.

“My biggest hope is to help families that might be timid about choosing immersion camp know their child will thrive and be very comfortable because it is a fun, familiar environment even if it’s their first time in a Spanish immersion setting,” said Miriam Epstein, founder of the Camp.

She continues, “Parents can be confident that their child will be quick to figure things out because kids learn so fast from every new experience.”

It’s no surprise that campers ‘magically and effortlessly’, grasp language so quickly in this immersion setting. Children learn by observing, imitating, trying and practicing and Kallpachay gives them the time and encouragement to do just that.

This year’s theme takes campers into present day Costa Rica to learn about the animal kingdom, back into medieval times and forward into space, and continues into July and August with themes in art.

Epstein is devoted to making Spanish accessible to all ­­children with Spanish in the home or school and those without, from true beginners to advanced. She explains that some students are learning Spanish for the first time while others have family members who speak fluently.

Kallpachay counselors come from diverse countries and backgrounds with a wide range of experience. All have a love of Spanish and are kind, warm, animated, worldly, encouraging and patient in working with kids.

They lead small groups in mostly outdoor activities, a welcome change from the regular school year. Each day is chock full of activities that give kids the confidence they can play their way to Spanish!

“Summer” is the best time to try things a new way,” she added.

Camp takes place at Judson International School from June 6-­24 and July 11 until August 5. You can sign up online at:




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